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Welcome to Indus Music Studio, where tradition meets modernity in the heart of music. At Indus, we are dedicated to fostering an environment where Indian music flourishes, embracing both its rich heritage and its contemporary progressions.

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Recording Agreement

Creation of Tracks

1. Composition & Arrangement: 

The undersigned service provider agrees to craft a musical track in accordance with the song provided by the client, employing a blend of loops and instrumental recordings to the fullest extent of their artistic capability and expertise.

2. Revisions: 

A limit of two revisions shall be permissible for the created track.

3. Fee Structure:

   a. The standard fee for a track, not exceeding a duration of five minutes, is set at $100.

   b. Custom instrumentations are beyond the scope of the aforementioned fee. Should the client seek bespoke instrumentations, additional charges shall apply, contingent upon the specific instrument and the fees levied by the instrumentalist.

4. Engagement and Payment:

   a. Prospective clients are encouraged to review the provider's previous works prior to commitment. Upon agreement, it is implicitly understood that the client appreciates the provider’s style and agrees to the terms stipulated herein.

   b. Full payment is due upon agreement.

   c. Refund Policy: No refunds shall be granted, irrespective of circumstances. Clients are advised to exercise due diligence prior to entering this agreement. While financial restitution may be sought, the service provider's invested time remains irretrievable.

5. Professional Conduct: 

Engagement with all clients, whether acquainted personally, returning, or new, will be conducted with utmost professionalism. 

   a. To friends: The sanctity of personal relationships shall not be jeopardized by business engagements.

   b. To all clients: Our interactions shall commence and conclude on amicable terms. Physical or verbal confrontations are strictly disallowed. As aficionados of music, our shared passion should serve as a unifying force.

Recording Services

1. Fee Structure:

   a. Recording sessions are priced at $50 per hour, commencing from the appointment start time to its conclusion.

   b. Should the client choose mastering services, a flat fee of $50 applies.

2. Technical Specifications: 

Recordings shall be executed using Logic X software, with deliverable audio files provided in either .wav or .aiff formats.

3. Choice of Mastering: 

Clients reserve the right to either employ the service provider's mastering services or engage an external mastering engineer.

4. Assessment: 

It is recommended that clients evaluate the provider's prior recordings and mastering to determine suitability.

5. Refund Policy: 

Under no circumstances shall refunds be permissible.

The foregoing terms are binding upon agreement. It is advised that both parties understand and accept these conditions prior to engagement.

Recorded using available track

Track and video created in Studio

Track created in Studio with layout

Track and recording created by the Studio